Mittwoch, 15. März 2017

CORPS SONORE - sound as material in performance art (English Version)

This workshop is aimed for performance artists and dancers who want to focus their attention on the spatial awareness through the sounds of their body and voice. No previous experience is required. In this workshop, everyone can learn from everyone. There is only one requirement: the people who are working together in this workshop should be willing to share their perceptions, experiences, and visions.

AIM // In practical exercises and in reflection units, participants learn to use their body as material, through gestures, movements, and sound. They sharpen their perception in space, through rhythm and time. And they learn to look at their own creativity from a new audible perspective.

CONCEPT // This workshop is based on the idea of an asymmetrical body and uses exercises in sensory awareness and a special breathing method (based on Ilse Middendorf). It includes an intensive physical and energetic practical based part, which always leads into reflection units. All units are divided into blocks, which sometimes focus on the individual awareness or are characterized by partner exercises until they finally work towards a group presence. The process-based experiments are learning tools to sharpen our view of the spatial sound world. The exercises should teach us, to reflect our role as a producer of sounds individually and as a group. Encounters happen in this workshop in the fusion of at least two sound horizons.

CHANCE // As performance art is constantly evolving, this introductory event provides a good basis for participants to discover new fields of research in artistic production and reflection.

PROPOSAL FOR A TIME FRAME // A new territory can only be opened if sufficient time is provided for the base. It takes some time for a physical and energetic training to reach something out of it. So I would suggest a multi-day intensive seminar for this introductory workshop. But other time frames are negotiable.

lecturer & facilitator:
Ilka Theurich

workshop duration:
negotiable  / it depends on the desired intensity

workshop language:
German / English

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