Dienstag, 2. Mai 2017


... a practice-oriented workshop
... for performance artists & dancers

„Hey you, don't watch that
Watch this!
So if you've come in off the street
And you're beginning to feel the heat
You better start to move
One step beyond!“(1)

This workshop is based on the idea of the breathing eye (2) and questions our interaction with space, time and interaction as a performance artist in complex situations. Yoga masters teach a relaxation and meditation technique, which refers to the idea of „breathing through the eyes". In this workshop, we do not immerse ourselves in the science of chakras, prana, and energy centers, but use the potential of this concept to explore our behavior within a group performance.

To illustrate this, here a hypothetical question: How would our body react when we emerge temporarily from a tense, confusing and complex situation, to visualize breathing through the eyes? Undoubtedly, we would physically slow down and keep away from seemingly overwhelming emotions and external distractions. Our facial muscles would relax, our heart rate would slow down, and in general, we would "regroup" mental, physical, and emotional situational fragments. Our shaping thought would be able to return to the situation openly and with new approaches to the solution.

With regard to a group performance, this method offers an approach to be able to enter into a performative Action as relaxed and open as possible - to physically and mentally free themselves, in order to be able to communicate with the others in an oscillating action.

lecturer & facilitator:
Ilka Theurich

workshop duration:
negotiable  / it depends on the desired intensity

workshop language:
German / English

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1.) Fragments of the lyrics "One step beyond" - Madness, 1979
2.) Concept is used here as a metaphor