Mittwoch, 20. September 2017


This workshop: Refugee Class for Professionals is a qualification offer from the studio : ilka theurich and is guided by the performance artist, researcher and curator Ilka Theurich. This course can be booked by institutions, museums, art associations, galleries and more.

In addition to an introductory module in art practice, practical deepening exercises provide an intensive insight into contemporary art. The aim of this workshop is to provide the participants with a basis for further artistic approaches and to encourage them to develop their own artistic work.

The practice offer of the Artist Training entitled Refugee Class for Professionals is an application-oriented and informal learning format. The participants of the Artist Training can further deepen their knowledge and professionalize themselves through the reflection of action strategies for the arts and creative industries, in order to be able to implement independently successful projects in the future.

lecturer & facilitator:
Ilka Theurich

workshop duration:
negotiable  / it depends on the desired intensity

workshop language:
German / English

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